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Chemistar Chemistry continued pioneering new fields with its creative technologies and tireless spirit of inquiry. The technologies and products we have developed in the course of our efforts contribute to growth in a variety of fields. We will continue to enhance our technological capabilities based on the belief that we can create a new era through creative R&D.
Research Organization comprises the Research Laboratory in Changzhou University, the Corporate Research Laboratory, and the Production & Safety Fundamental Technology Center. At the Research Laboratories, both manufacturing and sales personnel are making concerted efforts on research and development of products that contribute to the maintenance, strengthening, and expansion of their business activities and of basic and elemental technologies. The Corporate Research Laboratories are engaged in long-term research projects, including projects to develop (a) technologies required to enter new business fields, (b) common base technologies that will yield competitive advantages for the sustainable development of the Company's core businesses, and (c) next-generation products and processes. The Production & Safety Fundamental Technology Center promotes research and development to strengthen safety measures, disaster-prevention capabilities and  production plants' competitiveness, while actively providing support for the company's manufacturing operations.

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TEL:0519-86896136  Mob:Manager Hong 15961209877  Fax:0519 82059235 8103


Add:No.178 Yulong South Road,Zhonglou Economic Development Zone,Changzhou,Jiangsu, China